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Long Term Parking vs. FamilyCab

We know what its like travelling on a budget. We want families to get the airport safely and cheaply and sometimes using long term parking is the cheapest option. This map is a rough guide to the break-even point for Long-term parking vs. FamilyCab for 1-3 adults and 1 child. If you are anywhere between the edge of the circle and the airport then FamilyCab is cheaper on a round trip than Long-term parking for the corresponding time period. eg. 1 week long-term parking is $120 and return fare from Mirrabooka is approx $120; if you are travelling for 1 week and are closer to the airport than Mirrabooka it is cheaper to use FamilyCab, if you are travelling for longer then Long-term parking will be cheaper. The two week break even point extends beyond the visible map. Of course, FamilyCab saves you carting your children and luggage to the shuttle bus, and allows you to stay at home that little bit longer - invaluable on early morning flights.

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