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Rearward facing child seats are YOUR choice

FamilyCab has been running for a few months now. While we are slowly getting over the expected, initial teething problems, there is still one part of the booking process that customers aren't sure about - the direction in which the seat should face!

We use the Infasecure Grandeur in the majority of our pickups which is the most versatile seat on the market. It is the only seat that is adjustable for all children from 0-8, with the ability to be both forward and rearward facing as well as being large enough to secure older children. Having this flexibility is vital to the smooth running of our business and is a huge benefit to parents who choose to Extended Rearward Face (ERF) and Extended Harness their children.

However, the question "Would you like that seat forward or rearward facing?" still stumps most parents; if their child is older than 6 months, often it is expected that their child be forward facing, and some feel they are being troublesome by requesting a rearward facing chair. The truth is, your child's safety is our priority, and it is your choice.

We are not your Mother-in-law

Firstly, I think people aren't used to having much choice in the type of child seat when requesting transport, and often are graciously trying to make as little fuss as possible. Secondly, ERF enthusiasts have had at least one of their Mothers, Mothers-in-law, Sisters, Aunties, Cousins or Friends that have tried to convince them that ERF is overkill, unnecessary or even more dangerous than forward facing. This makes them shy away from the same old debate, especially with a stranger over the phone!

"Whatever you have is fine" says one customer.

"Well, she is 8 months so I guess she can be forward facing" says one mum slowly.

"I have been meaning to turn the seat around so it doesn't really matter" said another dad helpfully.

To diffuse the awkwardness, I always say (which is also most likely the truth) that "I have to install the seat for you regardless so it is completely your choice which direction I put it in. A customer who initially answers with hesitation will ALWAYS choose to Rearward Face once this has been said.

Here at FamilyCab, we support your choice to face your child which ever way you want. We do not think ERF is more dangerous because of distractions, we do not think it hinders children's development and we do not think it matters what your relatives think about it. What matters is that you have the choice.

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