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The Family behind


Hello and welcome! We are Lewis and Mel Cann, owner-operators of Family Cab in Perth, WA.


You may know of our other business, Perth Designated Drivers. We’ve been running it since 2010.  In 2016 we decided to use our experience to open Family Cab – a booking-only rideshare service for parents and carers who need a car seat or booster seat for their children.


The idea came to us on the job, after we found we were having a recurring conversation with a certain group of customers. It usually started with:


“You probably think I’m a terrible mother…”


These are mums that had been out with their kids, usually to a family gathering or friend’s BBQ. They’d have a few drinks, then call us to come and drive everyone home - in their own car, with their own baby car seat or booster seat.

Perth Designated Drivers on the WA Weekender program

Um, no. We don’t think you’re a terrible mum. We think you’re amazing! You are smart, responsible and managing to do what often seems impossible – go out at night with your kids in tow, relax and have fun!


These are not parents getting blind drunk. They are sensible adults who know that sometimes all it takes to push you over the legal driving limit is an extra half glass of wine. They would NEVER risk putting their kids in danger.


We have three small children of our own - Ollie (5), Scarlett (3) and Matilda (1). Life sure changes when they come along, and you definitely have to make sacrifices. But it doesn’t mean your social life ends. You are allowed to go and out have a few drinks without risking everything to get home, or going home early, or sitting there for hours in resentment of everyone else’s good time, because it’s your turn to drive.


We can take you home in your own car (and don’t worry – no judgment! We know what small children can do to the inside of a car!)…  


Or we can drive you in one of ours (not the same car we carry our own our kids around in, a clean one), fully equipped with baby car seat or child booster seat/s.


How do I know my family is safe with Family Cab?


We are also an excellent option for getting to and from the airport. This was actually brought to our attention by a friend, when we first mentioned the idea for Family Cab. She was hoping we’d be operating by the weekend so that she didn’t have to leave her car in long term parking while off on holidays with her family!


Air travel with kids can be stressful enough without worrying about what you’re going to do with your car. And you really don’t need to be dragging car seats and/or booster seats around when you already have so much luggage to cart.


With Family Cab, there’s one less thing to think about. Whether travelling or socializing, you deserve to relax with your family!

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