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Thank you Uber - now we have FamilyCab

Due to the rise of services such as Uber and Shofer, WA now has new regulations encompassing the on-demand transport industry. These new regulations make it much easier for niche transport services to operate and be profitable, so with great pleasure we are launching FamilyCab in October 2016.

In operating Perth Designated Drivers over the last 6 years, I have heard from many families about the inconvenience of getting to the airport or home from a party with small children. The usual solution to airport runs has been get a family member to drop you off or risk the kids in the back of a taxi without seats. Getting home from a party is almost exclusively "are you drinking or me?". Now with FamilyCab all families have options to get around the city, either in our car or yours.

FamilyCab will be operating a small fleet of cars that will be equipped with car seats and booster seats for kids under 8. Booking in advance or with approx 45 min notice, FamilyCab can offer professional, accountable and safe driving services within the Perth metro area. Alternatively, FamilyCab will link in with the Perth Designated Drivers network to provide sober, reliable drivers to drive you home in your own car (with your own child seats, prams, blankets and baby bags).

However you choose to use FamilyCab, it is now the safest way for your smallest passenger!

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