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Ski boots are one of the most important parts of your equipment of ski equipment. These boots are not only very functional, but they are also affecting your comfort more than any other part of your ski equipment. While skiing these shoes supports and protect your feet, ankles and lower legs. You can buy the men Apres boots from our website. We have the best Apres ski boots services in Australia. Parts of the ski boots are:-

1. Shell: Shell is the outer layer of the ski boot. It is made up of two parts, the lower shell and the cuff. The lower shell is the part where your foot is takes in , and the cuff is the part that goes around your shinbone and lower leg.

2. Liner: Liner is the soft layer of the boot that sits inside the shell and lies next to your foot.

3. Insole: Insole is also known as footbed. These are specially shaped for your feet. The soft insole provides support, best-fitting, and protects your feet.

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